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FCS has partnered with many ICD’s for the purpose of helping customers obtain the lowest rate possible when buying a vehicle.  The average price of a used vehicle in the US is now at $27,500.  A reduction in a consumer’s interest rate on a car loan of this amount is $700 per 1% over the life of the loan.  As an example, if a consumer can reduce her car loan rate by 2% on the average price of a used car, then the consumer will save $1400 on that loan alone.  This doesn’t even take into consideration the reductions in other consumer loan rates which will also come about as a result of an improved credit score.  Ultimately,  a consumer stands to save thousands throughout the course of time in borrowing costs by improving their credit score. 


ICD’s that are enrolled in our program have two types of customers that FCS can help.  One, those customers that are attempting to purchase a used vehicle, but cannot qualify for any loan for the purchase.  Two, customers of an ICD that qualified for a car loan, but the rate is not the lowest rate the ICD has to offer due to a less than stellar credit score.  This typically results in the customer settling for a vehicle that she can afford given the higher interest rate as opposed to a vehicle the customer really wants.  That okay though!  If this customer continues to make her payments on the vehicle in a timely manner and completes our ICD program, she can return to the same ICD and either refinance the loan with a lower rate or trade the vehicle in on a vehicle the customer may really want. 


If you’re currently working with an ICD, ask if they are participating in our ICD program.  If they aren’t, you’re welcome to contact us directly or tell the ICD about us.  Either way, we are happy to help you improve your credit rating and start saving!

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