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When there is a disaster that turns into a crisis small business owners, sole proprietors, independent contractors and homeowners will often turn to the federal government for assistance.  Much of this assistance is provided in the form of loans called Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL).  These are administered through the Small Business Administration (SBA).  For a very affordable flat fee we can become your representative with the SBA by submitting your application and providing the SBA with everything they request throughout the underwriting process until your given a lending decision.  We have a proprietary questionnaire on a digital platform that can be signed on your computer or smart phone.  We also have a client portal where you can easily upload your documents into it.  Dealing with a large governmental organization is never easy or hassle-free, but we are able to make this process much smoother.  Since we have done so many of these, we typically know what information and documents are required in advance.  We also know the most efficient ways of providing this information to the SBA. Having a seamless, automated and user-friendly process makes all the difference in the world in obtaining an EIDL. 


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