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How We Repair Your Credit

We know that when you entrust us to repair your credit, you are looking for a personalized and individual program that works for you. We are results driven and use a personal focus to repair credit scores. Our services and plans are uniquely tailored to meet your needs. We do not create a blanket approach on how to repair a credit score to use for all clients.

When you put your trust in us, rest assured that you will get a commitment to repair your credit. We also know that there is more to your long-term success than a one-time repair of credit score, and we have the tools to assist you in rebuilding credit, managing active collections, and getting your financial feet on the ground.

Personalized Disputes To Repair Credit Score

Our experienced and informed team of experts work within the procedures in place with the credit bureaus to keep the process efficient and in line for success. Repair your credit with a team who knows what needs to be done.

Continued Commitment With Customized Re-Disputes

Appropriate re-disputes are sent when information we have challenged is verified by the credit bureaus. We do not waste your time and money by simply re-sending the same dispute letter over and over again. Our target is to repair your credit, and we work towards that efficiently.

Procedure Demand Letters To Repair Credit Score

When working to repair your credit, if we meet continued resistance, we may decide together that working directly with the creditor is the best option. When we take this route, we will get all information necessary (verification procedure, name, address, and phone number) of the creditor so we can step up the efforts to repair your credit and get issues resolved.

Work Within Statute Of Limitations To Repair Credit Scores

When disputing a collection amount, we will know the statute of limitations before beginning the dispute, which will help us know our options to repair a credit score. From here we will determine the best course of action and keep from initiating new and undesirable collections.

Debt Validation

You have put your trust in us, and we will return the trust, knowing that if you happen to acquire a new debt while you are working to repair your credit score with us that you will notify us immediately.

FICO Score - How We Work To Repair Credit Scores

There is a myriad of activity that may go into your plan to repair your credit. We may need to open accounts, close accounts, reduce balances, or make other needed adjustments to your financial portfolio. From the beginning, we will identify your needs and make sure you are comfortable with all actions taken to succeed in our quest to repair a credit score for you.

How To Rebuild After We Repair Your Credit

To get continued results, we need to look to the future and build along with repair your credit. We have the methods and know how to assist you in the rebuilding process.

  • We work together for personalized results!

  • Work with the best (and the quickest) for ultimate financial success.

  • Trust ACS to repair your credit - we are committed to you.

  • Call today to repair a credit score and breathe easier tomorrow.


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